We provide a platform to show various types of events through a PPV business model. A key aspect is the ability to customize elements of the platform to meet the requirements of individual clients in terms of both business and site design.


More than 1.000.000 viewers

Personalize the page to present your event in any way you need

LiveHub is an innovative platform that allows not only access to live events, but also personalization of their appearance. It is possible to freely edit the graphics, layout and colour scheme of the site, adjusting it to your preferences and tastes. In this way, the site can be customised as much as possible, enhancing the user experience. The editing process is intuitive and simple, so that each customer can easily customise the site to meet their requirements. The changes made to the LiveHub platform allow users to have an even more engaging and enjoyable experience when watching their favourite events online.

Live streams for big events

LiveHub is an innovative platform that enables live streaming of various types of events, such as sports galas and concerts, to a large number of viewers in a secure and comfortable manner. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, users can follow their favourite live events without worrying about interruptions or hacking attacks.

Key facts:

Stability & Safety

LiveHub utilizes Firebase for authentication and authorization using JWT tokens, refreshed hourly for secure access. Its stateless design minimizes risks like session interception, with robust security against SQL Injection, XSS, and Brute Force attacks. Firebase AppCheck authenticates backend queries, while Cloudflare and Firebase AppCheck provide defense against DDoS attacks.

Infrastructure security is upheld by tightly controlling access to GCP cloud resources, and communication with payment systems is restricted to trusted channels with confirmed request sources. To handle high loads, LiveHub utilizes technologies like GoLang and Redis, bolstered by local caching for improved performance. The infrastructure's resilience is ensured through clustered Redis and a scaled group of GCP instances, maintaining stability during peak usage.

Restreaming protection

LiveHub is an innovative platform for watching live events securely and protected from illegal restreams. With advanced technologies and tight security, LiveHub ensures that broadcasts are protected from unauthorised copying and distribution. The platform uses effective protection mechanisms that identify and block attempts to illegally restream content.

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