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During cooperation with Proexe Telgani gained the leader position in Saudi Arabia and on the United Arab Emirates car-sharing market.


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Project overview

We made an app for Web, iOS and Android for Saudi Arabia company Telgani.

We have been providing technological servicesfor 3 years and during this time Telgani gained the leader position at Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates car sharing market, the company set up car rental points at Riyadh Airport too.

On the front-end side we made a single-page app with Angular 7. To achieve a more accurate search location, we used Google API interface. We also utilized PrimeNG components that are optimized for mobile apps and remain in line with web accessibility guidelines. Using React Native for the mobile version lets us achieve cross-platform compatibility. The whole backend side for the website and mobile version is made with Laravel which is a PHP framework.


  • Comprehensive Dashboard,
  • Push notifications,
  • Payments,
  • Reservation confirmation mechanism.

Success story

I’ve been working with Proexe for three months. The team did great job delivering my apps and website.

Abdul Kader AlMckinzy - CEO of Telgani.com

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